About Cell.Chat

Who we are
CELL CHAT is a new created cell service that was launched in 2017. This service allows people to connect with others all over the country via their cell phone. You can use it for making new friends with the same interests and hobbies, exchange views and opinions with people of different geographical location, gender and nationality, find the right person for the relationship that you have always dreamt about. We create opportunities so that our users can find exactly what they are looking for. Instead of being online, your cell phone will be the bridge of your communication with other end users.

What We Do
Our goal is simple: to help users find the kind of relation they’re looking for, whether it is friendship, romantic or plain chatting with others. CELL CHAT can help you find people that share the same interests as you such as movies, music, hobbies or activities. CELL CHAT allows you to make friends all over the country with no distance restrictions. We also offer the opportunity to you to expand your friendship circle.

How It Works
By using CELL CHAT you can chat through your cell phone or our web interface with other members of our community. The names and contact information of all our members are kept strictly confidential because your privacy and personal data protection is our highest priority. Members may chat online for free. At Cell Chat’s discretion members may get Free Coins. All members can start chatting by sending text message to CELL CHAT (none of your personal data is exposed, not even your cell phone number). You can choose one of our Prepaid Plans that best suits your needs and start chatting today.

Paul, signs up at CELL CHAT. He will then receive a text message with a unique confirmation code. He will have to confirm the code by writing it in the appropriate box. After the successful confirmation, Paul will receive a text message at his cell phone from CELL CHAT. Paul’s phone number is not visible to any other members and he cannot see the phone number of other members as well. When Paul responds, his text message will be delivered to the other member’s cell phone or online platform. The other member will NOT be able to see Paul’s phone number. The only visible phone number is that of CELL CHAT. Then Paul with the other member can start texting with each other through their cell phones.