How It Works

By using CELL CHAT you can text, through your cell phone, with other members of our community.
Random females can chat online for free (you will have to get our approval through email so as to be able to send free online messages).
All male can start chatting by sending text message to CELL CHAT (none of your personal data is exposed, not even your cell phone number). You can choose one of our Prepaid Plans that best suits your needs.
Using this charging policy, we manage to win the interest of more and more female for our chat service, making it even more interesting and competitive for all of us.
Below we describe in simple steps the operation and use of CELL CHAT:
  • Women and men sign up at
  • During your registration, some of your personal info will be required such as gender, age, cell phone number.
  • When you complete your registration, you will get an automated confirmation e-mail to the email address that you have provided and also a confirmation code to your cell phone.
  • The next time that you will sign in to using your username and password, you will be requested to confirm the code you received at your cell phone.
  • If you write the wrong confirmation code or no code at all, then you will not be able to participate to CELL CHAT.
  • If you are female, then you will have to contact us by email to get our approval for using the online service for free.
  • If you are male, you will receive an automated text message from CELL CHAT. If you respond, then your text message will be viewed by another member of our community and may or may not respond to you. The charge for the text messages you send is depended upon the prepaid plan that you have selected. The text messages that you receive are free of charge*.
  • CELL CHAT has the right to send custom and automated text messages**.
  • The company that handles CELL CHAT has the right to observe all or part of the sent messages, through its partners, so as to avoid members’ abuse. The company guarantees discretion and impartiality regarding the conversations in every possible and legal way.
  • CELL CHAT protects all of its members and follows all applicable privacy laws. All personal data (phone numbers, addresses, last names) are filtered by the system and show at the receiver’s end in asterisks, preserving this way the personal information privacy.
  • Your registration to CELL CHAT is depended on the final approval of our company, if it will be accepted or not. This means that if you register and send an email to us saying that you are female, you might not get our approval. This goes also for males, you may write the correct confirmation code that you received in your cell phone, but it is up to our approval for the registration to be completed.
  • Last but not least we recommend that you carefully read the Terms of Use. Our goal is for you to have fun and spend your time in a pleasant, creative and informative way. Cell.Chat was created for entertaining purposes only.
* Message and data rates may apply. That depends on the standard text message rate plan you have setup with your carrier/provider. CELL CHAT is not charging you to receive text messages.
** Text Messages may be monitored and sent by operators of the company.