1. 1. Am I getting charged for the text messages that I receive?
    You are not charged for the text messages you receive*. CELL CHAT does NOT have a subscription fee, you are only being charged for the text messages that you send.

  2. 2. How much does each message that I send cost me?
    This depends on the prepaid plan that you have chosen to purchase.

  3. 3. Where can I find the Terms of Use?
    Terms of Use are published in https://cell.chat/ . Just click on “Terms of Use” at the bottom of our page.

  4. 4. How can I cancel my account and stop receiving text messages? ​
    To cancel your account, you will have to contact our Customer Service and follow their directions.

  5. 5. What is CELL CHAT’s Telephone Number that I can contact?
    Our Phone Number is (201) 450-9026.

  6. 6. When I text to another member, phone numbers and all personal data related info do not show at my cell. Why does this happen?
    All personal data are automatically filtered by CELL CHAT, in order to protect information privacy, based on all applicable privacy laws.

  7. 7. I have been charged for messages that weren’t sent by me. How can I verify these charges on my phone bill?
    You can contact CELL CHAT by completing our contact form or call at (201) 450-9026. Our technical department will investigate the request and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

  8. 8. I haven’t sent the text messages that I have been charged for. How can I see the content of the messages that have been sent from my mobile number to CELL CHAT?
    Send us your request in writing at [email protected]. We will need a copy of your ID as well as proof that the number you are interested in reading the content of the messages actually belongs to you. CELL CHAT will send you within 7 business days, the content of all the text messages that have been sent from your cell phone number sorted by date and time.

  9. 9. How did my cell phone number enter CELL CHAT?
    By registering at https://cell.chat , you become a member to CELL CHAT through your cell phone. Please read our Terms of Use.

  10. 10. I am receiving the same text messages multiple times. Why does this happen?
    CELL CHAT might send you automated messages to get you to start a conversation with other members in order to help you “break the ice”. These text messages are free and you are not charged for any text messages that you receive*. If you no longer want to receive these text messages, please contact CELL CHAT using our contact form or call us at (201) 450-9026.

  11. 11. Why is it that I have been charged for over 100 text messages when I have sent exactly 100?
    If you send more than 60 letters and special characters*, then the text message is charged “long” and your device should inform you about long text messages, over 60 characters. Also if you send Caps without special characters and anything over 160 characters might be charged as a long text message from your cell phone provider.

  12. 12. Why nobody answers the Customer Support line?
    At the time you called all of our assistants were busy talking to other clients or you called during none business hours. Please try to call us again later.

  13. 13. I have registered to CELL CHAT but I’m not getting any messages from other members. Why doesn’t anyone text me?
    The fact that you have completed your registration does not necessarily mean that another member will be interested in texting you, or maybe it just didn’t happen yet. You might have to wait until someone texts you. There is also a chance that your registration was not approved by our service administrator.

  14. 14. I have been charged without making any use of your service.
    Although it is unlikely that this happens, you can contact us in order to investigate the incident. CELL CHAT commits to refund any money that you have been charged through our service by mistake.

  15. 15. I have registered at http://cell.chat. Is there a chance that another member can see my mobile number instead of my nickname?
    Our systems are checked on daily basis by our technical department. Your privacy and security is our obligation. Therefore there is absolutely no chance that your phone number or any other personal data is revealed.

  16. 16. I am not personally registered to your CELL CHAT but I am interested in being informed about the use of your service by another person that is registered.
    As we have mentioned before, privacy and discretion is an obligation to CELL CHAT. Therefore we can’t inform you about the use of CELL CHAT by another person to whom the user account or cell phone belongs to without prior written consent by him. We may disclose information, including personal information only in special situations such as in response to an investigative demand, a court order, or a request for cooperation from a law enforcement or other government agency or as otherwise required by law.

  17. 17. I am underage and I want to register to CELL CHAT. Can I do that?
    CELL CHAT is strictly offered to adults and its use is forbidden for underage people. CELL CHAT has the right to dismiss the use of our service and access to the web account for any person that is proved to be underage.

  18. 18. My child has used CELL CHAT although it is underage. What should I do?
    You must immediately inform us about the incident and provide to us the cell phone number that has been used. CELL CHAT will delete and block the access of the specific account to our service.

  19. 19. I am texting to another member of your service and I am being harassed with abusive/racist/religious affiliations. What should I do?
    In case of harassment you should call us at (201) 450-9026 or send us an e-mail at [email protected] in which you will describe the event. Our Customer Service will check the status of the request and will block the possibility of the other user to chat with you. We would like to stress that CELL CHAT reserves the right to partially or totally exclude a user without any prior notification at any time.

  20. 20. I want to register to https://cell.chat but not your cell service. Is there a charge for my registration?
    Registration on https://cell.chat is totally free. After you have completed your registration you are then officially a member of our community. If you do not wish to join CELL CHAT, simply don't use the confirmation code that will be sent to your cell phone. However, your confirmation code will be in force, in order to subscribe to CELL CHAT whenever you wish.

  21. 21. I want to subscribe to all services and to chat with other users but I'm afraid that there are subscriptions or other hidden charges. Is there a chance to be charged in other ways than my membership?
    None of the services that CELL CHAT provides includes a subscription fee. The only charge is for the text messages that you send whenever you want from your cell phone to another user. The charge depends on the prepaid plan that you have chosen to purchase.

  22. 22. I am female and wish to chat with other users for free. What should I do?
    You should send us an e-mail at [email protected] to get an approval for using the online service for free.

* Message and data rates may apply. That depends on the standard text message rate plan you have setup with your carrier/provider. CELL CHAT is not charging you to receive these messages.
** Depending on the language you are sending in, text messages are limited to either 70 or 160 characters in length. This is because a standard text message can contain a maximum of 1120 bits. Latin-based languages such as English, French, and Spanish use GSM encoding, which equates to 7 bits per character; limiting 1 text message to at most 160 characters. Languages that use Unicode Transformation Format (UTF) encoding such as Chinese, Arabic, or Japanese uses 16 bits per character; limiting 1 text message to a maximum of 70 characters. Messages containing more than the allowed characters are automatically split and concatenated on the receivers end. For GSM encoding, these long messages are split into 153 character chunks (7 characters used for the segmentation info and to concatenate the individual messsages back together). For UTF encoded long messages, they are split into 67 character chunks (with 3 characters used for the segmentation info and to concatenate the individual messsages back together).